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For remote GUI access, use X2go

Use the X2go client to connect remotely to CSSE Linux desktop environments.

When creating a new session using X2go, only the following fields need to be updated:

 Host:          (Use,, or
 Login:         (Use your student id or MU id, not your email address.)
 Session type:  (Only the ICEWM or LXDE session types are supported.)

Note 1: The LXDE session is available only on

Note 2: For campus Mac or Windows lab machines, see the information below.

Note 3: Another remote desktop solution is SSVNC, but if you choose to use it, you are on your own.

For remote terminal access, use PuTTY

If you don't need to use GUI desktop applications, you can login to a terminal on, or via secure shell (ssh).

A simple ssh client for Windows is PuTTY.

If you use macOS or Linux, just use ssh in a Terminal.

From Mac or Windows lab machines on campus

For Linux server access from campus Mac or Windows labs, use ...

  • for GUI desktop access
  • for terminal access
    • in Windows, use PuTTY
    • in macOS, use ssh in a Terminal

With either PuTTY/ssh or VNCviewer, connect to aristotleii, rockhopper or opus.

Transferring files to/from your personal computer and your MU Linux account

See Remote file management.